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The Birmingham Museum of Art

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2000 Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr. Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203


The Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, Alabama is a must-visit destination for art lovers and history enthusiasts. Established in 1951, the museum offers a vast collection of over 27,000 artworks from various cultures, time periods, and continents, with a focus on American art. Visitors can enjoy the museum's engaging programs and events, special exhibitions, and the serene Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden, all free of charge.

Things To Do

At the Birmingham Museum of Art, there is a plethora of engaging activities for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Visitors can marvel at the 18th-century European decorative arts, and explore a wide range of artwork from the 13th century to c.1750. The museum also boasts a large selection of Asian, African, American, and Native American art, as well as Art of Alabama, Contemporary art, Folk art, and Pre-Columbian art. In addition to the vast array of artwork, guests can access the wealth of knowledge stored within The Clarence B. Hanson Jr. Library, and take a moment to appreciate the stunning outdoor gallery provided by The Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden.


Monday Closed
Tuesday 10AM–5PM
Wednesday 10AM–5PM
Thursday 10AM–5PM
Friday 10AM–5PM
Saturday 10AM–5PM
Sunday 12–5PM

Step into the world of art and history at the Birmingham Museum of Art, a cultural gem located in Birmingham, Alabama. Established in 1951, the museum boasts an impressive collection of over 27,000 artworks spanning various cultures, continents, and time periods. From the ancient to the modern, the Birmingham Museum of Art offers an unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

The museum’s vast collection includes artwork from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, with a particular emphasis on American art. The American collection features pieces from the colonial period to the present day, showcasing the evolution of artistic expression in the United States. Additionally, the museum holds one of the most comprehensive collections of Wedgwood pottery outside of England, providing a unique insight into this historic craft.

Another highlight of the museum is its extensive collection of Native American art, which represents the rich cultural heritage of indigenous people from across the continent. With a vast array of pottery, textiles, beadwork, and other artifacts, visitors can immerse themselves in the lives and traditions of these diverse communities.

The Birmingham Museum of Art also offers an educational experience for all ages, with a variety of engaging programs and events. Art classes, workshops, and interactive tours are just some of the ways the museum encourages visitors to connect with the artwork and enhance their understanding of art history.

Throughout the year, the museum hosts special exhibitions, which spotlight specific artists, movements, or themes in art. These exhibitions offer a fresh perspective on the museum’s permanent collection and provide an opportunity for visitors to explore new and exciting aspects of the art world.

In addition to its world-class art collection, the Birmingham Museum of Art is also home to the beautiful Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden. This tranquil space offers an outdoor gallery of contemporary sculpture amidst lush landscaping, providing the perfect backdrop for a peaceful stroll or a moment of reflection.

Accessibility and inclusivity are at the heart of the Birmingham Museum of Art’s mission. The museum offers free admission to all visitors, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage with the artwork and appreciate the rich cultural history it represents.

Lastly, don’t forget to stop by the museum’s gift shop, where you’ll find a curated selection of art-inspired gifts, books, and souvenirs. Bring a piece of your visit home with you and share the beauty of the Birmingham Museum of Art with friends and family.

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