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There is no doubt that Alabama has a great selection of parks all the beautiful state. Alabama takes great pride in the available outdoor recreational opportunities and vacationers travel from around the world to visit different Alabama parks. Alabama currently has 21 beautiful state parks that are open to the public. Alabama parks are renowned for awesome hiking trails, superb mountain biking trails, recreational water activities and so much more.

How many parks are in Alabama?

  • How many Alabama state parks are there? 21
  • How many National Parks & National Monuments are in Alabama? 9
  • How many Alabama National Forest? 4
  • How many county parks are in Alabama? Most Alabama counties have parks, but not all are managed by the county, some by cities and some by non-profits. We know there are 67 counties in Alabama, we are guessing at least that number or more.
  • How many water parks are in Alabama? We have found at least 14 and that not including municipal
  • How many amusement parks are in Alabama? there are 4 major theme and amusement parks in Alabama
  • How many Archaeological Parks are in Alabama? There are 2 Archaeological Parks in Alabama.

Alabama is a great destination for vacations and there are plenty parks to tame any serious park lover. From beautiful mountain lake parks to coastal parks on the Gulf of Mexico, there is a great Alabama park waiting for your next vacation adventure.

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