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Spring Valley Beach

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2340 County Highway 55, Blountsville, AL 35031


Spring Valley Beach is one of the best water parks in Alabama and is located near Blountsville, AL. Spring Valley Beach is located on 25 acres and host the largest pool in the southeast, 10 awesome water slides, 20 gazebos, kids water playground and pavilion areas. Enjoy free parking and free suntan lotion, Locker rentals available. Spring Valley Beach is family owned and operated and located roughly 60 minutes south of Huntsville and 60 minutes north of Birmingham.

Spring Valley Beach is the perfect destination for pavilion rentals and offers group discounts.

Single Day Tickets or you may purchase a season pass

Things To Do

Beach, picnics, water slides, Large Pool, Gazebos rentals, Concession Stand with a variety of Food


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Located near Blountsville, Alabama, nestled among rolling hills and picturesque farmland, you’ll discover a veritable summertime oasis – Spring Valley Beach. This family-owned water park, spread over 25 acres, is a hidden gem in the Alabama countryside, providing endless fun and respite from the Southern heat. With its one-of-a-kind charm, Spring Valley Beach beckons visitors from near and far, inviting them to enjoy a truly unique aqua park experience. It’s more than just a water park—it’s a beacon of joy that draws the community together every summer.

Sprawling and diverse, Spring Valley Beach is renowned for its wide array of attractions that cater to all ages and tastes. At the center of the park, you’ll find the largest swimming pool in the Southeast. This incredible 2-acre pool, equipped with areas for both swimming and wading, offers ample space for children and adults to splash around. For the adrenaline junkies, the park boasts several high-speed water slides, each presenting its unique brand of thrill. The Sidewinder slide, for instance, is a crowd favorite, known for its heart-pounding twists and turns.

Then there’s the Kid’s Zone, a child-friendly space designed with little adventurers in mind. This area is teeming with pint-sized slides and interactive water features, creating a safe and exciting play area for children. While they frolic in the water, parents can relax under shaded pavilions, keeping a watchful eye on their little ones. The Kid’s Zone ensures that Spring Valley Beach remains a destination for the whole family, providing enjoyment for all age groups.

One of the most distinctive features of Spring Valley Beach is its liberal ‘bring your own picnic’ policy. Unlike most water parks that restrict outside food, Spring Valley encourages guests to pack their lunch baskets and coolers. This unique approach allows families to enjoy a full day at the park without the worry of overpriced park food. From grilling burgers at one of the park’s picnic spots to savoring homemade sandwiches while lounging by the poolside, mealtime at Spring Valley Beach becomes part of the adventure.

Spring Valley Beach also hosts various events and celebrations throughout the season. From local band performances to festive Fourth of July fireworks, these special occasions add an extra layer of excitement to the park experience. These community-driven events are an integral part of Spring Valley’s charm, helping to create lasting memories for every visitor.

What truly sets Spring Valley Beach apart is its laid-back, friendly atmosphere. Despite its impressive array of attractions, the park maintains a relaxed, non-commercialized vibe. The staff here goes above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels welcome, fostering a sense of community that keeps people coming back year after year. It’s this warmth and genuine hospitality that truly defines the Spring Valley Beach experience.

Beyond the water park, the town of Blountsville offers a range of attractions. From exploring the lush greens of the Rickwood Caverns State Park to savoring the local flavors at an authentic Southern eatery, visitors can immerse themselves in Alabama’s rich cultural heritage. A trip to Spring Valley Beach often serves as a springboard to discover more of what Blountsville has to offer.

Spring Valley Beach in Blountsville, Alabama, is more than just a water park—it’s a testament to family fun, community spirit, and southern hospitality. With its diverse attractions, family-friendly policies, and unique events, it provides a vibrant, memorable experience for everyone who visits. So, if you’re searching for a summer destination that offers a refreshing break from the ordinary, look no further than Spring Valley Beach.

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