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Chewacla State Park

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124 Shell Toomer Pkwy. Auburn, AL 36830



Chewacla State Park is a beautiful park located near Auburn, Alabama, featuring stunning waterfalls, hiking trails, and a 26-acre lake. The park has cabins and picnic areas with tables and grills, making it a great destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts. The park's proximity to Auburn University makes it a great place to stay for an Auburn football game or to explore the university's campus. With its rich history and natural beauty, Chewacla State Park is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Alabama.

Things To Do

The park features numerous hiking trails, campsites, and a primitive campground for visitors who want to experience the great outdoors. Chewacla Lake is a great spot for fishing, and boat rentals are available for those who want to explore the lake from a different perspective. The park also has a swimming area with a large pool and several smaller swimming areas, a playground for children, and a picnic area for families to enjoy.


7 a.m until sundown
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Chewacla State Park is a beautiful park located in the eastern part of Alabama in the United States. The park covers over 696 acres of land and features stunning waterfalls, hiking trails, and recreational activities for visitors. The park’s history dates back to the 1930s, when the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) worked to develop the park.

The CCC was a public works program that operated during the Great Depression. The organization focused on developing parks, forests, and public lands across the United States. The CCC played a significant role in developing Chewacla State Park, including constructing many of the park’s buildings, trails, and other amenities.

One of the main features of Chewacla State Park is Chewacla Falls, a stunning waterfall that cascades over large rocks into a pool below. Visitors can hike to the falls and enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool waters of the pool. The park also features several other smaller waterfalls and streams, adding to the park’s natural beauty.

In addition to its waterfalls, Chewacla State Park offers a range of outdoor activities for visitors. The park features several hiking trails, including the 3.5-mile Chewacla Trail, which winds through the park’s forests and along its streams. Visitors can also enjoy mountain biking, fishing, picnicking, and camping in the park’s campsites.

For those looking for a more relaxing vacation, Chewacla State Park also features several areas for swimming and lounging in the sun. The park’s swimming area includes a large pool and several smaller, more secluded swimming areas along the park’s streams. Visitors can rent kayaks and canoes to explore the park’s waterways, or simply relax in one of the park’s many picnic areas.

Chewacla State Park is also a popular spot for bird watching and wildlife viewing. The park’s diverse habitats, including its forests, streams, and open fields, provide a home for a wide range of birds and other animals. Visitors can see everything from woodpeckers and warblers to deer and foxes while exploring the park’s trails and forests.

Another highlight of Chewacla State Park is the park’s proximity to Auburn University, one of the state’s largest universities. Visitors to the park can easily explore Auburn’s campus and enjoy the many cultural and educational opportunities the university offers.

Overall, Chewacla State Park is a great vacation spot for visitors looking to enjoy the beauty of Alabama’s natural landscapes. The park’s waterfalls, hiking trails, and outdoor activities make it a great destination for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. With its rich history and stunning natural beauty, Chewacla State Park is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Alabama.

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  • Lake Martin: One of Alabama’s largest lakes, Lake Martin is a popular spot for boating, fishing, and swimming. The lake covers over 44,000 acres and has several marinas and boat launches, making it easy for visitors to enjoy all the lake has to offer.
  • Talladega National Forest: Located just east of Chewacla State Park, Talladega National Forest is a sprawling wilderness area with miles of hiking trails, camping areas, and scenic drives. The forest is home to several waterfalls and offers visitors a chance to see a wide variety of wildlife, including black bears, coyotes, and foxes.
  • Little River Canyon National Preserve: A scenic drive from Chewacla State Park, Little River Canyon National Preserve is a beautiful natural area with stunning waterfalls, deep canyons, and miles of hiking trails. The park is also home to several rare plant species and a variety of wildlife.
  • Jordan-Hare Stadium: Home to Auburn University’s football team, Jordan-Hare Stadium is a popular destination for sports fans visiting the area. Visitors can take a tour of the stadium or attend a game during football season to experience the excitement of college football in the South.
  • Wind Creek State Park: Located on the shores of Lake Martin, Wind Creek State Park offers visitors a chance to enjoy the lake’s crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery. The park has several campsites, cabins, and hiking trails, as well as a large swimming area and boat rentals for visitors who want to explore the lake.

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