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High Falls Park

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969 County Road 144, Grove Oak, AL


High Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Alabama. High Falls is Located on Town Creek near the town of Geraldine, Alabama. High Falls lies in Dekalb county in the northeast corner of Alabama. High Falls in Alabama is roughly about 35-feet x 300 feet wide and is a spectacular site when falls is at it's peak during the during high seasons.  High Falls contains a beautiful arch rock and is a favorite attraction for many visitors year around.  The hike down to the waterfalls is a short distance with is plenty of parking at the park. High Falls Park recently built a new welcome center that host various events though out the year and has an office.

Things To Do

High Falls in Alabama offer great Swimming, Hiking, Picnic Area, Wild Life Viewing, Walking Bridge, Rustic playground, Pavilions, Special events, Hiking Trails, and Restrooms!


Open daily 10am–6pm During summer
In the Winter 10am-4pm

What is now High Falls Park, was once an important crossing point for those who traveled from the Grove Oak area to Marshall county. With a growing population to the area and an increase for farm supplies, the need to access the Marshall county side quickly increased. Crossing Town Creek could be dangerous because of inconsistent water levels and much easier during the dry season. A covered bridge with rock pillars was constructed in 1923 to make crossing the swift currents of Town Creek easier. The covered bridge became victim to the weather and eventually was burnt down. A pedestrian bridge was built in 1998 which gives a special character to High Falls Park.

High Falls in Alabama is a popular destination for picnics and is a favorite during summer for swimmers, hikers and sightseers alike. Some of the best views are during the fall as the bright foliage surrounds the falls. The spring is a great time to visit High Falls after the heavy rains and the thunder of the falls welcomes you as you hike down the paved path. The falls has a rich history and a special place for locals. Those who grew up enjoying the High Falls in Alabama know that the falls is a hidden jewel here in Dekalb County in beautiful Northeast Alabama.

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