Hello, my name is John and I am web developer and outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore nature and was born and raised here in Alabama. VacationsAlabama.com has been a project I have been building and developing for many years. I enjoy sharing the beauty of Alabama with others and have spent my life hiking, biking, fishing, photographing and shooting videos around the state.

I recently decided to invite other Alabama outdoor enthusiast to share their experience of Alabama as guest publishers on the website. One of my main goals when I first developed the website was to share the beautiful outdoors of Alabama with those who don't have the opportunity to see it. Some people are not able to get explore either from a medical condition or they simply do not live in the area. There is so many beautiful places to see in Alabama that I feel everyone should get to explore it if from the comfort of their home.


To develop the website into a better user experience. When I first created VacationsAlabama.com I lacked the technical skills to correctly develop the website. I am currently in the process of redesigning the look and well as functionality of the website. Coming soon we will be showcasing outdoor enthusiast from all over the state on Alabama.

Our Goal

To raise the funds needed to put more energy and money into developing the website. To upgrade into professional video and camera gear and to spend more time visiting and sharing the great treasures in Alabama. To one day turn VacationsAlabama.com into a non-profit and aim toward preservation of great state.
Thanks so much for your time!

Are you a outdoor enthusiast who loves to capture your journey in Alabama? Are you interested in becoming a publisher and showcasing your adventure? Contact us today!