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Bladon Springs State Park

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3921 Bladon Road Bladon Springs, AL 36919


Bladon Springs State Park is 357-acre Alabama State Park located in Choctaw County, Alabama.  In 1838 Bladon Springs became private spa that hosted visitors from all over the country.  In 1845 an Alabama state geologist found the springs contained  calcium, Sulfur, Magnesium and iron. Soon people would travel from all over the country to benefit from the healing properties of the Bladon Springs. A large Greek Revival hotel was built in 1846 to host the large number of tourists to the Bladen Springs.  Once called Saratoga of the South the Bladon Springs remained open throughout the Civil War. In 1934 the state of Alabama acquired the property transformed it into the current day Bladon Springs State Park.

Things To Do

Playgrounds, shelters, modern campsites, primitive camping, birding trail, wildlife viewing, grills, and tables Nearby:Choctaw National Wildlife Rescue Alabama’s Black Belt Birding Trail


Day-Use Area: 7:00 a.m til sundown

Bladon Springs State Park, Modern campsites, Primitive camping, grills, Playgrounds, shelters, Alabama’s Black Belt Birding Trail, Choctaw County, Alabama, Southwest Alabama, Alabama State Park

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