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Montgomery Snagboat

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1382 Lock and Dam Rd, Pickensville, AL 35447



One of the last surviving steam-powered sternwheelers in the U.S, Was important role in building the Atlabama–Tombigbee–Tennessee River Project. Is now Boat Museum in Carrollton, Alabama. Built by the Charleston Dry Dock and Machine Company of Charleston in 1925. The United States Army Corps of Engineers operated the Montgomery Snagboat.

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The Boat Museum Is located at the Tom Bevill Lock and Dam Visitor Center

The Montgomery Snagboat is a historic vessel that played a crucial role in improving navigational conditions along the Alabama River. The vessel was built in 1926 and was used to remove snags and other obstacles that hindered the movement of river traffic. It was also used to survey the riverbed and maintain the depth of the waterway, ensuring that boats and barges could travel safely and efficiently. The Montgomery Snagboat is now a museum ship, open to the public for tours and educational programs.

The Montgomery Snagboat is a unique example of a type of vessel that was once common on America’s rivers. These boats were equipped with powerful steam engines that drove rotating drums fitted with steel cables. As the boat moved along the river, the cables were lowered into the water and dragged along the riverbed, snagging on any obstructions that were present. Once the snag was caught, the crew could use a winch to lift it out of the water and onto the deck of the boat, where it could be cut up and disposed of.

The Montgomery Snagboat played an important role in the development of commerce and industry in Alabama. Before the advent of the steam-powered snagboat, the Alabama River was treacherous and difficult to navigate. Boats and barges frequently ran aground or became stranded on sandbars, causing delays and losses for businesses and farmers. The Montgomery Snagboat, along with other similar vessels, helped to transform the river into a reliable and efficient transportation artery, making it easier and cheaper to move goods and people throughout the region.

Today, the Montgomery Snagboat is a fascinating artifact of a bygone era. Visitors can tour the vessel and learn about the technology and techniques that were used to maintain the river. They can also gain a deeper understanding of the importance of river transportation in the history of Alabama and the United States as a whole. The Montgomery Snagboat is a reminder of the hard work and ingenuity of those who labored to improve the infrastructure that helped to build our nation.

You can visit  The Boat Museum at the  Tom Bevill Lock and Dam Visitor Center.

  • Explore the Montgomery Snagboat, a historic vessel used for removing obstacles along the Alabama River.
  • Take a guided tour of the museum to learn about the history of river transportation and the technology used to maintain waterways.
  • View exhibits and artifacts related to river navigation and the culture and commerce of the region.
  • Enjoy scenic views of the Alabama River and the Tom Bevill Lock and Dam from the visitor center’s observation deck.
  • Participate in educational programs and events, such as workshops, lectures, and demonstrations, that showcase the role of river transportation in Alabama’s history.
  • Visit the gift shop to purchase souvenirs and books related to the museum’s exhibits and the history of the Alabama River.
  • Take a picnic lunch or have a barbecue in the visitor center’s picnic area.
  • Fish or launch a boat from the boat ramp located adjacent to the visitor center.
  • Explore the nearby town of Pickensville, which offers additional opportunities for dining, shopping, and outdoor recreation.

Montgomery Snagboat, Carrollton , Alabama