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407 N Commissioners Ave Demopolis, AL 36732


This Demopolis Alabama Museum is a historic property that was built in 1832 and is located in Demopolis, Alabama. The architecture of the building is Greek Revival style with some Federal architecture elements, and it overlooks the Tombigbee River. The property is currently maintained by the Marengo County Historical Society and is designated as a National Register of Historic Places.

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Bluff Hall is a historic plantation house located in Demopolis, Alabama. Built in 1832 by Allen Glover, a wealthy planter and politician, the house is now a museum and a National Historic Landmark. Bluff Hall is a beautiful example of Southern Greek Revival architecture and is a testament to the wealth and power of the antebellum South.

The house is named after its location on a high bluff overlooking the Tombigbee River. The site was chosen not only for its commanding view but also for its proximity to the river, which was the main mode of transportation for goods and people in the region in the early 19th century. The house was constructed using locally sourced materials, including handmade bricks and cypress wood.

Bluff Hall was home to the Glover family for over 60 years. The family was prominent in the community and played an important role in the development of Demopolis and the surrounding area. Allen Glover served in the Alabama Legislature, and his son, Nathan Bedford Glover, was a Confederate officer who fought in the Civil War.

The house was sold in 1907 to the Robertson family, who lived there until 1956. The property was then donated to the Marengo County Historical Society, which opened the house as a museum in 1967. Today, visitors to Bluff Hall can tour the house and learn about the history of the Glover and Robertson families, as well as life in the antebellum South.

The house is furnished with period pieces and features many original architectural details, including a spiral staircase and ornate plasterwork. The museum also has a collection of artifacts related to the history of Demopolis and Marengo County, including antique furniture, textiles, and ceramics.

In addition to the house itself, the grounds of Bluff Hall are also worth exploring. The property includes a formal garden, a gazebo, and a carriage house that has been converted into a gift shop. The garden is planted with a variety of flowers and plants that would have been common in the South in the 19th century, including camellias, magnolias, and roses.

Bluff Hall is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and on Sunday from 1pm to 4pm. Admission is free, although donations are appreciated. Guided tours are available, and the museum also hosts special events throughout the year, including Christmas open houses and garden parties.

In conclusion, Bluff Hall is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Southern history and architecture. The house is a beautiful example of Greek Revival style and offers a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy planter class in the antebellum South. The museum’s collection of artifacts and period furnishings, as well as its lovely gardens, make it a fascinating and enjoyable destination for visitors of all ages.


Things to do in and around Demopolis, Alabama:

  1. Visit Foscue Park: This beautiful park is located on the banks of the Tombigbee River and offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and a playground.
  2. Take a walking tour of historic downtown Demopolis: The town is home to many historic buildings and sites, including the Demopolis Opera House, the Laird Cottage, and the Gaineswood Mansion.
  3. Explore the Bluff Hall Gardens: In addition to the formal garden at Bluff Hall, there are many other beautiful gardens in the area, including the Marengo County Historical Society Garden and the Demopolis Botanical Gardens.
  4. Go fishing or boating on the Tombigbee River: The river is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and other water activities. There are several boat ramps and marinas in the area.
  5. Attend a festival or event: Demopolis hosts several annual events, including the Christmas on the River celebration, the Demopolis BBQ and Blues Festival, and the Marengo County Fair.
  6. Visit the Demopolis Public Library: The library is housed in a beautiful historic building and offers a variety of programs and events for all ages.
  7. Take a day trip to Tuscaloosa: The city of Tuscaloosa is located about an hour and a half from Demopolis and is home to the University of Alabama, as well as many cultural and recreational attractions.
  8. Explore the outdoors at Lake Demopolis: This large lake is located just outside of town and offers opportunities for fishing, boating, camping, and hiking.
  9. Play a round of golf: The Demopolis Country Club offers a challenging 18-hole golf course with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.
  10. Sample local cuisine: Demopolis is known for its delicious Southern food, including barbecue, fried chicken, and sweet tea. Be sure to check out local favorites like the Shack BBQ and the Red Barn Restaurant.

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