Rock Run Furnace

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6686 County Rd 29Piedmont, Alabama



Rock Run Furnace is located in unincorporated community of Rock Run, in Cherokee County, Alabama, United States. located on County Route 29, Rock Run is 13.6 miles southeast of Centre, Alabama. The house was built to house employees of the Rock Run furnace. It is said that the Rock Run furnace is said to have been the last charcoal furnace in the U.S. to have been blown out. Rock Run Furnace was put into blast June, 1, 1874. Rock Run Furnace was blown out Christmas Eve 1928 and was in service for 54 years. The furnace was dismantled and a few houses and the commissary of the Rock Run Furnace is all that is left .

Things To Do

View a sign honoring Jim Garvin, mine superintendent, behind the Rock Run Baptist Church. View old houses in the area!

Rock Run Furnace, Historic Furnace, Alabama, Cherokee County