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Dismals Canyon

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901 Hwy 8, Phil Campbell, Alabama 35581


Became a National Natural Landmark in 1975. The canyon floor contain 1.5 mile hiking trail. Cherokee,Paleo, and Chickasaw once inhabited the canyon. In 2006 a rare Rare Hellbender was found. The canyon is an 85 acre Natural Conservatory

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Hiking, Camping, Horse Trails, Cabins, Soda Fountain & Grill,Country Store, Massage Offerings for Cabin guest


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Located near the Bankhead National forest lies one of Alabama’s most beautiful canyons. Dismals Canyon is located in Franklin County, Alabama near the town of Phil Campbell in North West Alabama. Dismals Canyon features a beautiful landscape of huge rocks with a beautiful creek and waterfall welcoming you to the canyon.

When you first arrive to Dismals Canyon a parking area lies beside the road as well as parking within the entrance. Once you make the trek up the hill you will walk through the parking lot and down the hill to the welcome center to gain admittance to the park. Once you make your way through the welcome center you will hike downstairs and are welcomed by rocks and beautiful Rainbow Falls. The falls is roughly about 20 to 25-foot falls that falls onto a gorgeous pebble filled creek surrounded by rocks.

We were lucky to enjoy the falls for bit with no others around. The falls had such a magical feel to it, and it was like stepping back in time with all worries of the world at bay. Large boulders and moss-covered walls surrounded us. A wooden walkway and wood swinging bridge leads over the small creek. We visited the canyon in July and the creek was flowing pretty good.

It wasn’t long before folks started walking out of the canyon toward the falls and our alone time was soon surrounded by folks enjoying the cold water from beautiful Rainbow Falls.

Above the falls lies the remains of an old grist mill with a concrete dam. The welcome center lies above the falls and has ample outdoor seating overlooking the dam and creek with cabins across the creek for rent. They even have a reserved and small camping area across from the entrance to Dismals Canyon.

The welcome center has a gift shop filled with mementos and even has a restaurant for hungry hikers and guest on the property. The deck is relaxing and a perfect place to spend a cool fall afternoon eating and enjoying the view, can’t wait to make a fall trip!

Just weeks prior to our visit the Dismals Canyon glow worms were in full glow and one of the main attractions to the Canyons. Camping spots are limited and cabins available.

Dismals Canyon is a National Natural Landmark Registered with the U.S. Department of the Interior.

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