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Alabama’s Birding Trails

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Alabama’s Birding Trails consist of a series of eight Alabama Birding Trails collectively marketed as part of a state-wide system. In the Alabama’s Birding Trails system there 430 bird species documented, 270 sites across Alabama in various locations. Alabama is a birders dream as there are plenty of species of birds and water fowl to watch in a diverse eco-system, from High mountains to low lands Coastal areas.

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Eight Alabama Birding Trails--North Alabama Birding Trail, Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, Black Belt Birding Trail, Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail, West Alabama Birding Trail, Appalachian Highlands Birding Trail, Wiregrass Birding Trail
Alabama Coastal Birding Trail
North Alabama Birding Trail
Birmingham Audubon
Alabama Birding Trails


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