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Bangor Cave

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Bangor Cave Rd Alabama 35079



Walter B. Jones a state geologist first discovered the cave which is composed of Bangor Limestone. Bangor Cave is located in Blount County near Blount Springs, Alabama. Bangor Cave was a well known cave and America's only underground nightclub with gambling 1937. Construction cost for the club was roughly $70,000 and rumored it was made back very fast after opening. The cave at one time was a well known destination for locals and travelers and even housed concerts, rally's, picnics and tours by candles and pine torches. The Louisville and Nashville Railroad once carried passengers to the town of Blount Springs to the Blount Springs Resort. Many of visitors would go to Bangor Cave and a fire in 1915 destroyed the Blount Springs Resort virtually ending much of the traffic to Bangor Cave. Due to vandals Banger has been gated to protect it. Bangor Cave is roughly 20 foot tall 57ft wide and 350ft long.

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Bangor Cave , Blount County, Blount Springs, Alabama