Chief Ladiga Trail

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Chief Ladiga Trail Alabama



If you love to bike the Chief Ladiga Trail may the perfect location for a bike ride here in Alabama. The 33-mile trail leads from Woodland Park in Anniston Alabama to the Comet Trail in Georgia. The trail is a state rail trail project and lies on an abandoned Southern Railway line. The trail stretches from west Anniston and passes the Jacksonville State campus through Piedmont and crosses the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail. The trail extends into Georgia where it connects to the Silver Comet Trail, which leads to Atlanta Georgia.

You can expect bikers, hikers, and joggers on your ride! You will for sure see many birds and a lot of squirrels on your ride and even an occasional deer or two. If you love old bridges there is one just west of Jacksonville. Historic Downtown Piedmont is worth getting sidetracked with old buildings and coffee shop for a nice break.

Things To Do

The trail crosses through wetlands, hardwood and pine forests! Expect great views of Talladega Mountain between Jacksonville and Piedmont.
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