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Sequoyah Caverns

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1438 County Road 731 Valley Head, AL 35989


Located on Ellis Homestead, Sequoyah Caverns & Campgrounds was once one of the busiest caverns in Alabama.   Sequoyah Caverns was one of the first caverns i had ever been to as child on a school fields trip.  The caverns is one of the prettiest caverns in Alabama and it is was sad to see them close the doors.  I spoke with the owners and they said due to  lesser and lesser visitors they had to eventually close down.

Things To Do

(Now closed) Feed Ducks, Fish. Watch Deer, Goat, and Sheep Graze. Hike to Lookout Point, Gem Mining

It would be wonderful to see Sequoyah Caverns & Campgrounds open their doors again one day. Sequoyah Caverns  is one of the most amazing sites in Alabama!


Sequoyah Caverns is Now Closed

Sequoyah Caverns Sequoyah Caverns rock formations

Sequoyah Caverns, Ellis Homestead, Valley Head Alabama, Cave