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Neversink Cave Preserve

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Unnamed Road, Fackler, Alabama, United States


The Neversink Cave Preserve in Jackson County Alabama is one northeast Alabama's most beautiful caves. The Neversink Cave Preserve is a jewel among cavers from around the world for its beautiful waterfalls and rare ferns on the walls. Neversink has been featured in numerous publications and current in possession of the Southeastern Cave Conservancy.

Neversink Cave is 162 feet deep and 40 feet wide at its opening spanning to 100 foot wide at the bottom. The cave features beautiful waterfalls after rains and breath-taken views during fall.

The cave has a strict policy to help protect the native bats from White Nose Syndrome (WNS).
Also the property has a manager:
Please limit 12 person groups. No more than 6 vehicles in parking area. No parking at the road no matter what.
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Things To Do

View The Neversink Cave Preserve, vertical caving skillsare required to decent and ascent the cave

*A permit is required from http://www.scci.org/preserves/neversink/

Image Source: William Alan Hunt

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