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Tinglewood- Forest of Faces- Orr Park

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277 Park Dr, Montevallo, AL 35115



Beautiful carvings of figures, story book characters, faces and a dragon by Artist Tim Tingle

Things To Do

a walking trail, picnic tables, athletic fields, playgrounds, pavilions, a gazebo and restroom


7 days a week 6AM–8PM

Montevallo, Alabama Tim Tingle Tree Carvings in Orr Park 1
Located in Montevallo, Alabama  Orr Park  is home to  one of most unusual tree carving collections in the United States . Due to a storm many of the parks old cedars took on damage. Artist Tim Tingle wanted to save the  trees and pursuaded the city to let him carve faces into dead trees.

Tim began his tree carving works of art in 1993 that would soon be known as Tinglewood. Before long Tim had carved over 30 trees  in the Shoal Creek’s Orr Park.  Tim has carved  figures, faces, a dragon and story book characters.

Tinglewood has stirred a buzz on the internet and has become an popular odd off the path destinations here in Alabama. It may be one of Alabama’s  most unusual  art creations!

There are many things to do at the park including walking trails , ballfields and picnik tables. Enjoy a beautiful walk along Shoal Creek, a great place for a picnik.


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