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Church Built Around a Rock (Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel )

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Howards Chapel Cemetry County Rd 165 Fort Payne, AL 35967



Church Built Around a Rock (Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel ) was built in 1937, Milford Wriarson Howard (February 18, 1862 – December 28, 1937) wife Sallie Howards cremated remains were interred into the large rock along with his first wife.

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Colonel Milford Howard built Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel as a memorial for his first wife Sallie in 1937. The church is built around a giant granite boulder and features beautiful wood, hardwood floors, beams and rock walls. The church has a walking path, picnic shelter,and a cemetery on the property.
Above a stone alter the words 'God has always been as good to me as I would let him be ." are inscribed on the beam. These words were taken from Milford's wife's last letter. In the pulpit area Milford's ashes are interred in the boulder. Milford Wriarson Howard was a United States Representative and died December 28, 1937.
The Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel serves as a popular wedding chapel and also holds church services on Sunday morning.
Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel

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