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Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain

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708 County Road 345 Attalla, AL 35954



Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain, situated in Attalla, Alabama, is a renowned wildlife sanctuary and environmental education center. Owned by the non-profit organization Tigers for Tomorrow Exotic Animal Preserve, Inc., this 140-acre preserve in Dekalb County is dedicated to providing a home for predatory animals that are no longer able to work or are unwanted by their owners. As a 501(c)(3) organization, Tigers for Tomorrow is committed to the welfare of these majestic creatures and fostering environmental awareness.

Things To Do

View 160 animals including: bears, wolves, tigers, mountain lions, African lions, black leopards. Offer General Admission, Educational tours, Group Tours, Private Tours, Corporate Outings and Birthday Parties. Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain offers an unforgettable experience for visitors. Begin with a two-hour walkabout, starting at the Animal Contact Yard where you'll meet friendly creatures like capybaras, camels, and goats. Wander shaded pathways to encounter large felines, bears, wolves, and other predatory species. On weekends, enjoy Capybara Encounters for an up-close educational session. With stroller-friendly fenced pathways, an event center, and public restrooms, the preserve provides a memorable adventure for the entire family.


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Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain, nestled in Attalla, Alabama, stands as an extraordinary wildlife preserve and exotic animal rescue center dedicated to the welfare and conservation of large cats and other exotic species. With a strong focus on education, conservation, and responsible stewardship, Tigers for Tomorrow serves as a shining beacon for these magnificent animals.

Established in 1999 by Wilbur and Susan McCauley, Tigers for Tomorrow began with a humble vision: to create a sanctuary for abandoned, abused, and neglected animals while raising awareness about the challenges faced by these species. Since then, the sanctuary has flourished, expanding across 140 acres of stunning natural landscape.

At its core, Tigers for Tomorrow is devoted to rescuing and providing lifelong care to animals subjected to mistreatment or neglect in various contexts, such as roadside zoos, private ownership, and circuses. The sanctuary offers a permanent home for tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, wolves, bears, and other exotic creatures that have endured captivity. The sanctuary’s dedicated team works relentlessly to rehabilitate and cultivate a tranquil, enriching environment for these animals.

Beyond rescue and sanctuary efforts, Tigers for Tomorrow is deeply invested in education and awareness. The organization recognizes the importance of public education in fostering conservation efforts and inspiring future generations to protect wildlife. Through guided tours, educational programs, and outreach initiatives, Tigers for Tomorrow seeks to instill a sense of understanding and compassion towards these awe-inspiring creatures.

In line with their commitment to conservation, Tigers for Tomorrow collaborates with other reputable organizations and participates in breeding programs to support endangered species. By actively engaging in these initiatives, they contribute to the genetic diversity and long-term survival of the animals under their care, furthering their overarching mission to secure a future where all animals can flourish in their natural habitats.

A unique aspect of Tigers for Tomorrow is their “Tiger Tales” program, an interactive experience that enables visitors to learn about the individual stories of the sanctuary’s animals and develop a deeper appreciation of their struggles and achievements. Through personal encounters with these animals, visitors gain a profound respect for their strength, resilience, and the importance of protecting their wild counterparts.

The captivating location of Untamed Mountain enhances the allure of Tigers for Tomorrow. Set amidst the picturesque hills of northern Alabama, the preserve offers a natural habitat for its residents, while providing visitors with breathtaking views and an immersive experience within nature’s embrace. It serves as a place for people to connect with wildlife, learn about conservation, and champion change.

In summary, Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain is more than just a sanctuary; it is a sanctuary with purpose. Through their rescue endeavors, educational programs, and unwavering commitment to conservation, the organization leaves a lasting impact on the lives of exotic animals and raises awareness about the importance of safeguarding their natural habitats. Tigers for Tomorrow invites visitors to forge a connection with these majestic beings and become advocates for their future.