If you are an amateur or an upcoming photographer, even a pro who is searching to capture some amazing shots the d7500 is the perfect camera. This past weekend I ordered the Nikon D7500 and it arrived Tuesday and I couldn’t wait to get it out and take some shots! I spent about 20 minutes checking the feel of the camera and comparing it the prior d series that I have enjoyed. The battery was already charged about 40% and I left it on the charger for about 20 minutes and decided I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to get out and shoot for a while.

My first shots were of the sun cutting through the clouds and I was impressed with my first image. Everything I wanted was in the shot, including a true-blue background and the cloud edges were sharp and glowing. I ended traveling to one of my favorite overlooks to capture the sunset. When I left the clouds were bright and white and the sky blue. About 45 minutes later I arrive at Mentone, Alabama and decided I had about 30 minutes to kill before I needed to set up on my tripod for the sunset. So, I decided to wander around downtown Mentone and shoot and see what the d7500 can do. I found the Mentone Inn with some beautiful flowers and butterflies and decided to frame the flowers in the lower frame and click, wow it was magic, the colors popped perfect with great detail of the inn. Then I roamed toward Mentone shopping area and captured some nice images of the old historic town. I even hiked over to the location of the old Mentone Springs Hotel that burned to shoot the ruins. I was impressed all around by this time and shots of the old chimney popped like I dreamed of. Is the Nikon d7500 worth it? Worth every penny!

Ok time to stick this on my tripod and wait for the perfect shot. After about 10 minutes the sun was in the perfect place and I decided to frame my shot with the sun between some leaves and capture some nice Appalachian hills rolling. I was shocked, my shots turned out great with a nice sunbeam radiating from the orange sun tucked between the leaves. I was out of luck, in no time a huge storm covered the sun and lost the anticipating sunset.

My First impressions?

No doubt the camera body is larger than the D7200 and first it took me a little while to get used to. But after shooing awhile I found the grip very comfortable and my hand fit nice, actually a better grip size than prior models. The looks and feel of the camera are great and one of my favorite features is the click sound it makes when shooting. I first didn’t know what to think because it is a little different, but it is smooth!

The viewfinder is great, and LCD is a nice size and can be adjusted if you are shooting low mounted shots close to the great, love this feature! The weight of the camera is a little bit more the D7200, but it actually seems to help stabilize handheld shots.

nikon d7500 top

Nikon D7500 top

One of the top reasons I chose the D7500- 4K

This thing takes some incredible video! After watching many video reviews on-line, I thought the D7500 video resolution looked great and true for an upper level Enthusiasts camera, wait the pros are raving. Many of the reviews I have read are from pros who just love the D7500. The video resolution is attractive to pro shooters who are looking for a camera with high resolution and great video for traveling light. I have even seen reviews from pro photographers who are throwing the D7500 in their bag for their second camera and love to pull it out and use it. With a great lens the d7500 is unleashed and takes brilliant images. Though the d7500 is still a crop and not a full frame, the video has persuaded some to shoot with the D7500.

The #1 Nikon D7500 feature I Love!

I used to mainly upload cellphone shots to Instagram and not shots from my camera, this has changed. I installed the SnapBridge app and connected it to the d7500 and now when I take an image it automatically uploads the image to my cell phone so I can share it, such a great feature!

Nikon d7500 rear

Nikon D7500 rear

Is the Nikon d7500 worth it? Worth every penny!

I spent about 3-4 months researching the pros and cons of buying a new Nikon. I even checked outer cameras including Canon and Sony and decided to stay with my old faithful Nikon. One of the reasons I wanted upgrade my camera was to be able to shoot lower light waterfall shots while reducing the low-noise artifacts from my shots. No doubt the Nikon D7500 can take some wonderful low light photographs. I was completely blown away by the blue sky and white cloud color! So far after shooting 2 days in various conditions I am loving the D7500.

After browsing for months in social media and photography websites, my favorite images were coming from the Nikon d7500. As of right now I have the AF-s NIKKOR 18-55 1:3.5-5.6G VR DX which is a pretty good-looking lens and my next move is to upgrade to a sharper lens. I would highly recommend purchasing the Nikon D7500 today!