Alabama Gold …Panning in the creek for gold in Alabama.

Is the Alabama gold belt waiting for you? Alabama has a long a solid history as a gold producing state and one of the most gold rich states east of the Mississippi. The Alabama gold rush made a huge impact for many families and business owners. Both placer deposits and lode has been found in Alabama within the gold belt. Around 1830 major gold discoveries were found at Chestnut Creek and Blue creek in Alabama alone. Gold has been found in Alabama in the following counties: Talladega, Elmore, Cleburne, Randolph, Chilton, Clay, Chambers, Tallapoosa, and Coosa counties.

Most of the gold found in Alabama was found as small grains within rock and leaching vats were used to harvest it.  Gold miners used dangerous chemicals to leach the gold from the rocks. Chemicals such as cyanide and mercury were used to dissolve rock leaving the beautiful Alabama gold. Alabama’s gold rush  left high toxicity in the groundwater near mining locations. Wouldn’t it be something to find a huge mercury ball filled with gold in the creek panning?

The Alabama gold belt has some great gold prospecting locations that were once active Gold mining sites. Chestnut Creek and Blue Creek in Alabama was the first large gold strike producers that occurred in 1830 and the next few years. From good sized nuggets to fine gold has been found in Alabama. You can find Alabama gold in lode and placer deposits.

Where to find gold in Alabama?

Wouldn’t it be nice to strike gold in Alabama!

The Talladega National Forest is a great destination to pan for gold on Federal land. If you are looking to find the mother lode in Alabama, your best bet may be on private property. If you could find the right creek that hasn’t been touched, there is no telling what you might could find. The Alabama gold rush took place after early European settlers came to the region in 1820’s, 1830’s, and 1840’s.

The Arbacoochee district was a major producer in Alabama and was home to about 5,000 with hundreds working in the mines. One town which was a boom town for Alabama was Goldville, Alabama with a  population of around 37. You can find a good story about the gold found in Alabama and the town of Goldville. Alabama’s Gold Rush: A tiny town once worth millions.  834 mining deposits have been found near Goldville, Alabama.

Gold in Alabama, Goldville, Alabama, once home to an Alabama Gold Rush

Once upon a time, Goldville, Alabama was a bustling town with over 3,000 people and a thriving economy fueled by 14 stores and 200 gold mines in the surrounding area. Gold fever ran deep in the veins of these people, and they worked tirelessly to extract as much gold as they could from the creeks and mines.

However, in 1849, news of the California gold rush reached Goldville, and many people left in search of even greater riches. They abandoned the gold in the creeks and mines, leaving Goldville a ghost town almost overnight.

Today, Goldville is a small town with only around 38 people. Most of the old buildings and mines have fallen into disrepair due to the passage of time. However, the legacy of the gold rush lives on in the memories of the people who once called this place home.

Although the gold rush was short-lived, it left a lasting impact on the area. The mines that once fueled the economy of Goldville are a testament to the determination and hard work of the people who mined them. If you ever find yourself in this corner of Alabama, take a moment to reflect on the history that shaped this small town and the dreams that were left behind when the gold rush ended.

Striking Alabama Gold at the Cholerine Mining District

Cleburne County is known for its rich deposits of gold and silver, and the Cholerine Mining District is a particularly successful area for finding placer gold. The geology of the area and the techniques used by prospectors have contributed to the success of this district.

Throughout the county, there have been many gold and silver mines that have shaped the economy and history of the area. From the early days of mining to the present, the determination and hard work of the miners have left a lasting impact on the community.

If you’re interested in learning more about the mines of Cleburne County, there are many resources available to help you explore the area. From museums and historical sites to guided tours and prospecting classes, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the rich history of mining in this part of Alabama. Whether you’re a seasoned prospector or just interested in learning more about the history of the area, Cleburne County has much to offer.

Other good places to find Gold in Alabama

Clay County offers some good locations for placer gold, including the Tallapoosa River, Crooked Creek, and Wesobulga Creek. Prospecting along smaller streams and creeks in this county may also yield good results.

Coosa County has a history of producing placer gold. The Gold Ridge Mine was a notable source of gold during the gold rush days, and placer gold has been found on Weogufka and Hatchett Creeks.

Cleburne County is considered to be the richest area for placer gold in Alabama. The Chulafinnee Mining District is known to yield gold, and the county has many lode mines, primarily copper and gold. There are rich gravels throughout these areas.

If you’re interested in prospecting in these areas, it’s worth doing some research on specific tools and techniques that are recommended for the type of gold you’re looking for. Keep in mind that prospecting can be challenging, but with some patience and persistence, you may be able to strike it rich in Alabama’s gold country.

Gold Panning In Alabama

If you’re interested in panning for gold in Alabama, the Alabama Gold Camp is worth checking out. Located in a beautiful setting, the Gold Camp offers lodging and a general store stocked with supplies for gold panning. They offer both pay-per-night camping and RV hookups. While we don’t know exactly how much gold has been found at the camp, it’s a great location to practice your skills and potentially strike it rich. It’s worth noting that the Gold Camp does provide some equipment for gold panning, and they may also have experienced guides available to help you get started. If you’re considering a mini vacation focused on gold panning, the Alabama Gold Camp could be a great option.

Alabama Gold Maps

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Another great resource for gold prospecting in Alabama Gold Locations in Alabama
One of the best known and richest is Devil’s Back Bone crossing Tallapoosa County

What is the largest gold nugget found in Alabama? Most likely the largest gold nugget found in Alabama is a mystery and if you found that nugget you most likely would not share where you found it.  I once heard of a story of an old timer who decided to show his discover that he found as a child in the cotton field near Goldville, Alabama.

A friend of mine was looking in the countryside Tallapoosa County for a creek to gold pan. As he rode down the road he came across an old farmer and he asked him if any gold had been found in the area. To my friends surprise the old farmer went into his house and came out with a large chunk of quartz with plentiful gold veins running through it. My friend was shocked and asked about the beautiful gold-filled quartz. The old timer proceeded to tell him how he found the Alabama gold while they were turning the field and getting ready for a new cotton crop to be planted. Could the largest gold nugget in Alabama be in a cotton field waiting to be found?

During the Gold Rush in California many fled to find riches on the west coast. Much of the Gold in Alabama has been left in the streams and veins waiting to be found. What was once a booming gold industry in Alabama now is a weekend hobby for those who wish to venture out for riches or just a little time on the creek. Alabama gold waits for you!

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