One of my favorite bridges is B.B. Comer Bridge In Scottsboro, Alabama. The bridge was opened in 1931 and has been landmark spanning 2,143 ft across the beautiful Tennessee, River. One of earliest memories was crossing the steel trustle bridge after coming down 35 from Sand Mountain. The B.B. Comer Bridge will soon be torn down and a new replacement will replace the bridge. We propose that instead of removing the bridge and scrapping the metal they should turn the bridge into a trustle park for joggers, bike riders, and walking. The park would help bring tourism to the state of Alabama and northeast Alabama as well provide a great experience in recreation and also preserve a historic bridge.

If you ask any fisherman in the area they will tell you B.B. Comer Bridge is one of their favorite experiences on the Tennessee, River. Spread the word and help support saving the B.B. Comer Bridge.