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Camp McDowell

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105 Delong Road, Nauvoo, AL 35578


Camp McDowell is a Camp and Conference Center for the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Alabama. Camp McDowell also home to the McDowell Farm School, the Alabama Folk School and the McDowell Environmental Center. Camp McDowell offers summer camps & retreats for youth and has a ton of activities. Established in 1923 and in it's current location at Nauvoo since 1947. Camp McDowell has over 1,140 acres and 775 beds.  No doubt that Camp McDowell is the largest camp in Alabama. It is the largest Episcopal conference center and camp and in the United States.

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Conference Center, Summer Camps & Retreats, Educational Programs, McDowell Farm School., Alabama Folk School, Pools, Playgrounds, Hiking Trails, Canoes


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